a Bed & Breakfast of Hull Massachusetts

45 Salisbury Street
Hull, Massachusetts 02045
Ann Marie Kenny, Proprietor

45 Salisbury Street 
		 Hull, Massachusetts  02045
		 Ann Marie Kenny, Proprietor 
		 617-803-9152Josephine's is a unique Bed & Breakfast experience.

Grandmother Josephine at the BeachThe Proprietor, Ann Marie Kenny drew her inspiration from her experiences as a child spending summers with her grandmother Josephine. Ann Marie has captured some of the magic and simplicity of those early years when you could enjoy summers swimming, eating and strolling outdoors with family and friends. The town of Hull, Massachusetts afforded the perfect setting for this inspiration.

Josephine's Bed & Breakfast provides a restful retreat. Guests will feel the "homey" experience that hotels and motels often lack. Be prepared for a hot gourmet breakfast which features outstanding food because the original "Josephine" was a gourmet cook and taught her granddaughter all her culinary secrets.

Josephine's captures American life in a beach community from the 1920's to the present day. The house is newly built and contains antiques and colorful beach decor. New construction provides clean and fresh quarters. Guests can experience a little bit of life from days gone by with all the amenities of the present day. The rooms have all been named after Ann Marie's mother and sisters. The atmosphere is just as fun and casual as it was when her mother and sisters all got together.

Nantasket Beach in SummerAfter a good breakfast, guests may enjoy Nantasket Beach and the community of Hull with its many amenities. Josephine's is located two miles from Nantasket Junction and the MBTA Commuter Train to Boston, as well as Commuter Boat Service to Boston and Logan Airport from Pemberton Warf in Hull. Additional MBTA Boat Service to Boston is available in nearby Hingham.

Hull is a peninsula south of Boston surrounded by water and featuring the most spectacular views of historic Boston Lighthouse and the Harbor Islands. Nantasket Beach with its over three and a half miles of sandy beach has been a vacation destination for over a century. The historic carousel, the last remnant of Paragon Park that stood here from 1905 until the mid eighties is open daily all summer long.

In addition Nantasket Beach offers miniature golf a video arcade and many great shops and restaurants all conveniently located on or near the beach and within easy walking distance of Josephine's.

A couple dances on Nantasket Beach.When you arrive in Hull, you feel that you are stepping into what life used to be. The town has managed to keep its charm and beauty. One only needs to take a walk along the sea-wall on a sunny Sunday afternoon and watch some of the town's seniors dancing to a swing band to feel transported back in time.

Sometimes, early in the morning on weekends, there is a couple waltzing to music at this same pavilion. They are the experts.

Closed January 1 to May 1.
(Reservation Services Open Year Round)

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